Fefe Talavera • 16/11/1979 • Brazilian/Mexican


Fefe Talavera’s monster paintings are metaphors for strong and subconscious human

emotions like anger, fear, dreams or desire. Inspired by the darkness and the light innate

in the dualistic world we inhabit, the colourful fantastic beasts which she connects with

the “dark side” of her inner self stand for the artist’s cultural roots as well as the primary

and powerful energy of her work in the streets all over the world and the light she finds in

the darkness.

Born in 1979 Fefe was brought up as a native half Mexican, half Brazilian in São Paulo.

Interested in all kind of “underground” movements, the typical and unique stylistic

freedom of the internationally renowned Street Art and Graffiti scene of her hometown

made an important impression on the artist.

Her raw creative energy thus found much more correspondence in the angled, tribal‐like

style she developed while working in the streets, than in her studies in fine arts which she

finished with a Bachelor at the FAAP in São Paulo. Showing at galleries and accepting

certain rules, limits and intolerance of the art market system represent a contradiction for

Fefe who is mainly interested in finding public ways to express herself and a common way

of communication.


As other artists from her generation she perceives São Paulo as a contemporary

megalopolis shattered by social, economical and ecological problems which had a

harmful impact on the urban landscape. The public walls thereby remain one possibility of

showing what is beautiful “inside” the strong personalities of the people living there.

Street Art and Graffiti in South and Central America can as well be understood in the

tradition of political mural art reflecting contemporary urban life (“Murales”).

Fefe, who is influenced by Mayan or Aztec mythologies and her Mexican heritage, is most

well known for her monsters made of cut out letters from concert‐announcement

posters found all around the streets. The glued collage‐like figures are related to the

artist’s admiration for typography, books and prints, but also to her will to somehow

“free” the letters from their fixed meaning as words, sentences or texts, by showing their

formal qualities as well as by reminding us that all kind of language is rooted in the direct

expression of human affects, not in the function to command them.

Even though the “letter‐monsters” became very popular because of their originality, Fefe

returned mostly to her extensive vocabulary in painting and drawing in the last years.

Having exhibited and participated in group projects all over the world ‐ p. e. in New York,

Los Angeles, Moscow, Berlin, Vienna, Seville, Madrid and Amsterdam, to mention only a

few, painting and visual arts remain the artist’s means of a very personal, intimate and

poetic language.





Group Exhibition homage to Basquiat , CCBB São Paulo, CCBB Brasilia, CCBB Rio de Janeiro, CCBB Belo Horizonte. BRAZIL 2018

Mural "Le Mur de Oberkampf". Paris , France 2017

Group Exhibition " Untitled", Galeria Rabieh, São Paulo, Brazil, 2017

Solo Exhibition " Bichos fantásticos", Sesc Interlagos, São Paulo, Brazil, 2017

Group Project " Rua Rural", Campina do Monte Alegre, São Paulo, Brazil, 2017

Scenario for TV Show "Mr Brau" Rede Globo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2017

Group exhibition " CRUA", Galeria Crua, São Paulo, Brazil,  2017

Group Exhibit " Bienal das artes DF",  Sesc Brasilia, Brazil, 2016

Group exhibition “Inprópria”, Galeria Inprópria, São Paulo, Brazil, 2016

Solo exhibiton “Antropofobia”, Renato Magalhães Gouveia Galeria, São Paulo, Brazil, 2016

Group exhibition “Recortes das Ruas Oníricas”, Galeria Crivo, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2015

Group exhibition “Atemporal”, Apis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2014

Group exhibition “Arte Core”, MAM, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2014

Solo exhibition Sculpture “TED.EX”, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2014

Group exhibition and festival “Calle Libre”, Vienna, Austria 2014

Group exhibition “Villa Ocupada”, Nantes, France 2014

Group exhibition, SESC, Campo Limpo, Brazil 2014

Exhibition with Bruno Big “Mitologia Particular”, Homegrown, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2013


Exhibition Collective "Street Art Brazil 2013" at Deutsche Bank/Schrin Kunsthalle Museum, Frankfurt • Germany |2013


Auction at Palais de Tokyo, Paris • France|2013


Exhibition Collective "Bienal do Graffiti" at MUBE, São Paulo • Brazil|2013


Exhibition Collective at Logo Galeria, São Paulo • Brazil|2012


Art Residency "R.U.A" at Amsterdam • Holand/2012


Exhibition Collective at SESC Pinheiros, São Paulo • Brazil/2012


Exhibition Collective “New Prints Female Artists” at A7MA, São Paulo • Brazil|2012


Exhibition Collective "Roots” at Influx Galeria, Lisbon • Portugal|2012


Art Residency "Roots" at L.A.C. Lagos • Portugal|2011


Exhibition Collective "The Girl Project" at The World Bank, Washington DC• USA|2011


Exhibiton Solo "Heart Breakers" at Montana Gallery, Barcelona • Spain|2011


Exhibition Collective "Open Art" at OBKHL Örebro Artmuseum, Örebro • Sweden|2011


Exhibition Collective "Fuera de la Línea" at MACRO, Rosario • Argentina|2011 


Exhibition Collective "Coletiva Choque 2011" at Choque Cultural, São Paulo • Brazil|2011 


Exhibition Collective “We Dream in Colors” at Yellow Pants Gallery, Lisboa • Portugal|2011 


Exhibition Collective “Overseas & Undertones” at ABV Gallery, Atlanta • USA|2010 


Exhibition Collective “Sub Glob II” at Örebro Artmuseum, Örebro • Sweden|2010. 


Exhibition individual “Fefe Talavera na Mini” at Mini Galeria, Belo Horizonte • Brazil|2010 


Exhibition Collective “Transfer” at Pavilhão das Culturas Brasileiras, São Paulo • Brazil 2010 


Exhibition Collective “Conquistadores” at Strychnin Gallery, Berlin • Germany|2010 


Exhibition Collective “A Work of Persol” at E-Halle, Basel • Switzerland|2010 


Exhibition Solo “Musas” at Soma, São Paulo • Brazil|2010 


Exhibition w/ artist Remed “Inteporal” at Sc Gallery, Bilbao • Spain|2009 


Exhibition Collective “The No Theme Group Show” at Canteen Gallery, Ottawa • Canada|2009 


Artist Residency "Street Art Passage" at Museum Quartier, Vienna • Austria|2009 


Festival Collective "Creature Festival" at Milan •Italy|2009 


Exhibition Collective "Screen Print Show" at Le Raclet, Milan • Italy|2009


Festival Collective "Digital Festival" at Museo Scienza Leonardo Da Vinci, Milan • Italy|2009     


Exhibition Collective "Works of Persol" at Milan • Italy|2009 


Exhibition Collective "Mood Swings" at Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles • USA|2009 


Exhibition Collective "Propeace" at MF Wazemmes, Lille • France|2009 


Exhibition w/ El Mister y Debens "Els fills de serp verinosa" at Welldone, Barcelona•Spain|2008 


Wall Project Collective "Las Paredes Hablan" at Cordoba, Cordoba • Spain|2008 


Exhibition Solo "4 llaves" at Subaquatica, Madrid • Spain|2008 


Exhibition w/ Doze Green "Omega Bridge" at Kspace, Amsterdam • Holland|2008


Exhibition Collective “So many Selves...” at Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles • USA|2007 


Exhibition Collective “Mundo Animal” at Escola São Paulo, São Paulo • Brazil|2007 


Exhibition Collective “A Conquista do Espaço” at SESC Pinheiros, São Paulo • Brazil|2007 


Exhibition Collective “Visual Slang” at Abrons Art Center, New York • USA|2007 


Exhibition Collective “Ruas de São Paulo” at Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York • USA|2007 


Exhibition Collective “Spray - O Novo Muralismo Latino Americano” at Memorial da America Latina, São Paulo • Brazil|2006


Exhibition Collective at “Choque Cultural na Fortes Vilaça”, São Paulo • Brazil|2006


Exhibition & Artist Zosen “Los Muertitos Duermen Juntitos” at Choque Cultural São Paulo • Brazil|2006


Exhibition individual “Caractérias” at Galeria Estúdio Quinn, São Paulo • Brazil|2005


Exhibition Collective “Erótica” at Choque Cultural, São Paulo Brazil|2005


Exhibition Collective “Catalixo” at Choque Cultural, São Paulo Brazil|2005


Exhibition Collective “Calaveras” at Choque Cultural, São Paulo • Brazil|2004 


Exhibition individual “Bichos Tipográficos” at Most Gallery, São Paulo • Brazil|2004 


Exhibition Collective “Coletivo Rua” at Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Americana•Brazil|2004 


Exhibition Collective “Latinidades” at SESC Pompéia, Sao Paulo • Brazil|2003